Our Mission
Afghan Literacy Foundation is a grassroots 501(c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to keep children in school and enrich their learning environment

Our causes

What We Are Doing

Education for Children

Provide stationary and supplies for our students

Facilities Supply

Provide proper sanitation and bathroom facilities

Bringing Clean Water

Supply water by digging wells

Study Environment

Procure desks and chairs for students to avoid sitting on hard floors

Repair Infrastructure

Refurbish broken doors and windows to provide insulation

School Equipment

Purchase copy machines and storage cabinets

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our work around the world. 62,230 people already have.

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afghanliteracyfoundation@gmail.com (310) 242-3442

Meet Nagia

The student that ALF began to support in 2012 when she was in the ninth grade. She was extremely bright and showed great potential.

Her mother was the custodian of Bebe Mahro School and was born deaf and was never able to access any type of education.

However, God blessed her with a beautiful daughter who is so bright and eloquent that she surpassed her peers and was accepted into Kabul University's law program.

She is now an attorney and wishes to pursue a Ph.D. to be a judge.

Students Sponsored
Stationary Supplied
Desks and Chairs
Wells Built

People Say

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