Our Mission

Afghan Literacy Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide resources to families and schools in Afghanistan in order to promote literacy and facilitate optimal learning environments. Three decades of war has left the Afghan people with huge gaps in education. Eighty five percent of the population has less than an elementary school education. For years, many schools have either been inadequate or nonexistent. The economic situation, since the war began in 1979, has gradually forced many people to pull their kids out of school and force them into child labor jobs in order to survive. This has created generations of uneducated laborers, who in turn cannot provide for their families.

Afghan Literacy Foundation hopes to break this vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy and alleviate some of this suffering by financially supporting children so they may stay in school. We serve our mission by giving monetary support to students who attend school through our sponsorship program. Sponsoring a student and providing support to his/her family allows him/her to attend school instead of becoming a manual laborer. In addition, through our donors program, we help provide educational material and maintenance of basic school infrastructure to provide students with ideal learning conditions.


It started with a boy named Ramish working as a servant in a home in Kabul. A friend of Afghan Literacy Foundation wanted him to go to school instead of being a servant. She told his employee, ”send him to school and I’ll support him monthly.” She shared her story with us and this is how ALF was born.

Sponsor a student and provide support to his/her family

We support students who attend school through our sponsorship
program. We connect you, the sponsor, to an individual so that you
can make a significant impact for a family.