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November 2020 Newsletter

Planting Seeds of Hope

Two Former Students Give Back

Muhammad Haider Usmani and Shirilam Nasrat are just two examples of how ALF has shaped the lives of students across Afghanistan.

Shiralam (top) and Haidar (bottom) have been involved with ALF for thirteen and nine years respectively. The foundation helped fund and support their educational endeavors. Thanks to ALF’s help, Haider and Shiralam will be able to contribute to Afghanistan’s workforce as educated young citizens.


Today, Muhammad Haider is studying political science, while Shirilam has graduated with a Bachelors in Journalism and is pursuing a second degree in English Language. Since their graduations, both young men have been working with ALF as our Kabul liasons by ensuring that funds from ALF donors and sponsors are allocated to needed projects and designated students. They provide reports and media on all their work to us and we are able to forward this information to our sponsors and donors.

They are both grateful to be able to help young Afghan students just like themselves. For them, ALF is a cause close to their hearts, because it truly provides opportunities for those who otherwise never would have had a chance at an education.

This was the vision ALF had at its inception in 2009. Not only did ALF hope to provide an education, but “we wanted to create a culture of empowerment for young men and women to be the agents of change that they want to see in Afghanistan.” says Adita Arya, ALF President.


Chair Donation to Wazirabad School

In October, Afghan Literacy Foundation donated 100 benches to the Wazirabad School in Kabul. The school principal notified us of the upcoming harsh winter and asked us if we could alleviate the difficulty of having to sit on the hard cold floors for many of the students. Something as simple as seats in a classroom, which people in many parts of the world take for granted, were unavailable to them.

Thanks to the generous donations that we had from many of our friends at ALF, we were able to fulfill this simple request and provide much needed comfort to the students.

ALF coordinated with Wazirabad school’s management staff  and was able to purchase enough benches to provide seats to both the boys’ and girls’ classrooms.

When the chairs were delivered to the students, their faces lit up with warm smiles and excitement.

Afghan Literacy Foundation believes that every child deserves the fundamental right to an education. Our hopes are that with these chairs, students can learn in a more comfortable and prospering environment.

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