2019 Newsletter

It is a daunting task but opportunity is before us. While Afghan Literacy Foundation is predominantly involved with providing students with financial support to stay in school through sponsorships, we take on other projects as well.  In its tenth year Afghan Literacy Foundation (ALF) continues to relentlessly pursue a long-term vision to partner with three very impoverished schools: Bebe Mahro Boys School, Bebe Mahro Girls School, and Wazir Abad School in Kabul, Afghanistan to change the odds for these students. We have taken on many tasks and projects with the financial and moral support of donors and sponsors and are happy to report to you the results of our efforts.

The Gift of Water:  Bebe Mahro Boys receive New Water Reservoir and Well

The Bebe Mahro Boys High School (BBMB) in Kabul was using a single hand pump well. In November of that year, the well stopped working beyond repair. As a result, the school was without water for 6 months. The school reached out to ALF after the Ministry of Education failed to respond to their  requests for a new well and reservoir.ALF board approved the request and assigned the Kabul volunteers to take action to dig a well and construct the water reservoir for $11,500.

“Now the students feel a sense of importance and have respect for themselves and their learning since they have proper desks.” – Principal  Saliha of Bebe Mahro Middle School


Hygiene Risk Resolved: Bebe Mahro Girls School receive Proper Restrooms  and Water Well

Upon visiting Bebe Mahro Girls School in 2017 Board members Mariam Momand and Lila Ishaq were heartbroken and outraged at the conditions of the women’s restroom facilities. “We were not able to take a proper tour of the school due to the intense odor that persisted throughout the school,”says Ishaq. Not only was this bothersome but a major health risk for all. Further, the school’s water well was inefficient in providing drinking water because the well was no longer working. ALF made it their campaign to build 5 proper bathrooms and a water well for the school. Successfully, 5 new bathrooms and a new water well was dug for the school at a cost of $12,200.

The Luxury of a Desk and Chair  

The Luxury of a Desk and Chair  




At Bebe Mahro Girls Middle School 1300 students attending in three shifts  were studying on the floor. ALF requested the vendor Akbar Metal to prepare 150 benches and 150 tablets. The vendor prepared the required furniture and delivered them to the school on May 16, 2018 for a total of $4900

Copier and Cabinets  for Wazir Abad

Students are able to receive proper review and reinforcement of learning now that they have access to copies of worksheets and workbooks with their new copier.

Storage Cabinets are purchased to organize and store all books and equipment so that it is safe and out of the wrong hands during non-school hours. These items were bought for  $1900.

Copier and Cabinets  for Wazir Abad



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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.