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2020 Newsletter

A total of $60,000 in sponsorship money was distributed in 2020 to students in three schools.

Covid 19 and Ramadan Drive

A passionate ALF volunteer student from USC, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money.  Other volunteers posted on the ALF Facebook page and website to raise funds. Meanwhile, Shiralam and Haidar, Kabul staff, arranged to purchase and distribute essential goods to their communities.  Through the amazing support of our caring and compassionate ALF sponsors and donors, close to $20,000 was raised during the month of Ramadan to alleviate Covid-19 hardships for Afghan families. The funds were used to purchase packages of rice, beans, oil, tomato paste, barley and soap were distributed. Much needed relief in the form of one month’s supply of food to over 200 families was successfully delivered.


Eid Shoes Donation

Eidi Shoes were given to all students in Eid al Fitr.  A donor donated  $1000 to purchase 150 pairs of shoes for all ALF students for Eid. For most of these children, this was their very first new pair of shoes.


Eid Clothes Donation

New Eid clothes were given to each student for Eid al Adha. Two donors donated $3000 for the purchase of new clothes for 150 of our students. The girls felt shy to be photographed  in their new Eid Clothes



New Chair Purchase

100 Chairs were sent for Wazir Abad School worth $1500 at the request of the school principal who indicated that the chairs are really needed to prevent students from having to sit on cold floors during harsh fall months.



Dashti Barchie Hospital Victims

ALF helped alleviate the suffering of the victims of a local hospital bombing in Kabul that took the lives of many women, newborn children, and men. Approximately $3500.00 was successfully sent to help.
When our rep Shiralalm spoke to the families, the aid that was promised by different organizations to the victims’s was never received. With your support 13 families were helped and received $300 each. Pictured here is a husband who lost his wife who had just given birth to their newborn. Now he is left to raise his newborn and other children on his own.



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